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About Mateable Coin (MTBC)

Mateable Coin (MTBC) is an altcoin cryptocurrency founded and debuted on June 07th, 2022 in the USA. Our mission for Mateable Coin is to focus on the people, environmental sustainability, and freedom. Its mission is to become a pure trade-based cryptocurrency and offer investment opportunities to the public. The Mateable Coin Wallet is a software technology using wallets to store, send, and receive virtual currency, and to make everyday purchases from local markets that accept the altcoins. Users can make transactions and view their balances on the blockchain ledger that uses the Litecoin framework.

The Mateablecoin Core software allows anyone to operate a node in the Mateablecoin blockchain networks and uses the Scrypt hashing method for Proof of Work. It is adapted from Bitcoin Core and other cryptocurrencies.

How does Mateablecoin Cryptocurrency Work?

Mateablecoin’s technology uses public addresses rather than account numbers on its blockchain. The wallet allows you to control your private keys and host a full copy of the ledger. When a user sends money to a recipient, the online transaction, known as a block, broadcasts publicly to all parties in the blockchain network.

A block provides a traceable and transparent record of all digital transactions. After the transaction is complete, the money moves from the sender to the recipient. Each transaction goes through a validating process, called mining, by computers in the Mateablecoin’s blockchain network. It ensures the system is secure to prevent malicious attacks.

For information about the default fees used on the Mateablecoin network, please refer to the fee recommendation.

Mateablecoin(MTBC) Wallet

MTBC released an announcement of a mandatory upgrade of Mateablecoin wallet version v24.x.
The upgrade is the first multi-algorithm (5 algorithms) currency with proof of stake.
These algorithms are scrypt, yescrypt, whirlpool, ghostrider and balloon.
The proof of stake system is based on Particl's PoSv3 system.
It is mandatory that users upgrade in order to use the blockchain.

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